If you desire an on-site course at your facility for your own staff we will perform the same 5-Day Cryogenic Engineering Course at your facility:  a 2-Day or 5-Day Custom Cryogenics Engineering Course in any cryogenic discipline to your needs:

Aerospace, Medical Applications, Launch Systems, National Labs, LNG Industry or Commercial Energy entities,
for any cryogenic application:  LO2, LN2, LAR,  LH2, LHe, and LNG.

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Our Statistics:

We have performed 203 cryogenic classes to date as of December 2019.

We have  trained approximately 6,500  engineers and technicians in the field of cryogenics in the period since 1982 when we first began classes.

Exclusively Cryogenic Training Services

We have one open registration course yearly open to the public:

The Annual 5-Day Summer Cryogenic Engineering and Safety Course:         NOTE: ThE 2020  class has been cancelled 

The Fundamentals of CryoGenics in 5 Days

See the Summer Course tab above for the current year brochure and information


David John Roth, Lead Instructor and former partner of Dr.Thomas M. Flynn; offer the cryogenic industry’s most cost-effective, technically-capable Cryogenic Engineering Courses and Cryogenic Safety courses. Our courses have been developed over 39 years and are annually updated to the most recent material and content. We are committed to meeting client cost, schedule, and satisfaction with the highest quality technical and educational services. Our course instructors are fully knowledgeable in ASME Codes and Standards for PVC Section VIII, Div 1 and Div 2, Pressure Vessel construction  and ANSI/ASME B31.3 Process Piping. We also are OSHA and US Federal HCS fully compliant to CFR1910 and have the most current and comprehensive training and film/photo archive.

We are working engineers who provide on-site cryogenic systems support at Kennedy Space Center as on-site launch system and GSE contractors on a daily basis.  Call or email to schedule a course anywhere.


Cryogenic Consulting Services Also Available

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