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Standard 2-Day Cryogenic Safety Course 

I believe that safety begins with understanding the basics of the associated fluids, materials, and equipment construction and its functions, as well as basic safety principles. All my classes include those topics as well.  The two day safety course covers fluids, basic materials and cryogenic equipment construction, a then a full day cryogenics safety and hazards section. It is offered and suggested for engineering, operations personnel and technicians, and cryogenics systems management personnel.

  • Content Includes: B31.3 pressure piping code and Section VIII pressure vessel code, and other various requirements
  • General Cryogenic Safety Principles and Risk Mitigation/Elimination
  • Physical Hazards of Cryogenic Fluids and First Aid
  • Emergency Preparedness, Spills, Leaks, Asphyxiation, and Flammable, Fire Events, Leak Detection
  • Disposal of Inerts and flammable by-products
  • Fire and Accidents in Process Equipment
  • BLEVE and Burst Standoff Distances in Emergencies
  • Quantity Distance Relationships and proper cryogenic siting requirements

Fluids:covers the basic properties that affect the safe use of these fluids in all respects.

-relates the 3 groups of fluids and particular attention to each associated hazard: inerts, oxidizers, and flammables

Materials:I believe a brief concise section of proper and acceptable basic materials for cryogenic constructions allows for a great understanding of safe use for all levels of users in cryogenic systems.

Equipment:I believe that knowledge of basic equipment and internal construction lends to greater understanding for all levels of experience the proper prospective to understanding operational safety.


The class is supplemented by numerous films and photographic examples to demonstrate and reinforce the presented materials.

1st day- A 2-Day Cryogenic Safety Course Outline

We also offer custom written 2-Day safety Courses  written explicitly to your needs and for specific fluids systems such as LNG, Liquid Nitrogen only, or any combination of fluids in the cryogenic realm.  

2nd day - Safety in Cryogenic Systems and High Pressure Gas Systems Sections:

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