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LNG and Methane Cryogenics Training

LNG is making inroads into the aerospace and energy applications. We have experience in creating training venues that will increase the knowledge base of your engineering and technical staff to make a difference in the marketplace.

Whether you are in aerospace, the energy sector, or a cryogenics manufacturer, we can make a difference. A 2-Day technicians Safety Course or a 5-Day Engineering Course are both available in the LNG applications.

We have performed LNG specific courses for aerospace applications, transportation, and commercial industry. Let us be your training company. Call us for information on course content or request classes suited to your specific needs.

Our previous LNG course customers:

Dixon Valve Company of Chestertown, MD.

Rego - engineered Products Intl. of Elon, NC.

Florida East Coast Railroad- running several Chart Manufactured LNG tanker fed converted engines between Miami and Jacksonville.    

Westport Innovations of Vancouver, Canada - every 3 years we hold an on-site engineering course to train a new set of engineers for Westport.

Consulting Customers: Wesmore cryogenics, ACT cryogenics, Trinity of Mexico, CVA/INOX, and other manufacturers of LNG transport equipment.