Cryogenic Equipment Systems
Storage vessels, insulation
Compressors, expanders, heat exchangers
Transfer lines, valves
Cryogenic instrumentation
Design pitfalls

​Cryocoolers,Refrigeration and Liquefaction
How cryogenic refrigeration cycles work
How J-T cycles and expander cycles are different
How to use the cycle analysis on real systems
How regenerative cycles, pulse tubes, and
cryocoolers work


Fundamental thermodynamics  
The Thermodynamic foundation of cryogenics
How to apply thermodynamics to real systems

Fluid Properties
Cryogenic Fluids Properties
How to use the thermodynamic charts

thermal stratification, cooldown

Materials Properties
What materials are acceptable at low temperatures
Why materials fail at low temperatures
How thermal and electrical properties change
How superconductivity works

​Cryogenic Instrumentation
Liquid Level measurement

The Annual Summer 5-Day Cryogenic Engineering and Safety Course

Cryogenics has always played a crucial role in engineering of all levels, now more than ever.  This knowledge truly sets you apart from the herd. Perfect for beginning engineers, or engineers from other fields new to cryogenics.  Other classes at conventions and other functions offer only 1/2 or one-day venues of a single subject or very cursory subject matter. This course is 5-Days of the full comprehensive subject matter in cryogenics taught by working SME and PE engineers.

This course is designed for a solid foundation for engineering design,  cryogenic operators, and technicians and all cryogenic users and for all persons in the complete cryogenic subject matter to work safety and effectively in cryogenic applications.

​Cryogenic Safety
Core cryogenic safety 
High pressure gas hazards
Safety in Liquid Nitrogen, Hydrogen, and Oxygen Systems
BLEVE and Accidents case studies

​Vacuum Technology
Out-gassing, permeation, leaks
Vacuum-friendly materials

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The next dates are:

2019 Summer Course

August 5 to 9, 2019

5-Day Cryogenic Engineering and Safety

Held annually in August at the Colorado School of Mines Campus in Golden, Colorado this 5-day Annual Summer course teaches the fundamentals of cryogenics and many other aspects for a broad based competence in this field. An excellent course for beginners and start-up teams alike.